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Chris Parry, President of eFilmCritic.

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Natalie Rothenberg, President of Insiders System for Writers.

Assistant to Hollywood Producer (prefers not to be named).


Chris Parry, President of eFilmCritic:

“Emerging award winning screenwriter Steve Glickman has fashioned a work that is as important as it is eye-opening. Glickman veers away from the hand wringing preaching of many associated with a ‘cause’, instead presenting an intelligent, interesting, disturbing and, most of all, compelling screenplay that, with a good director at the helm, could undoubtedly be seen as every bit as important a work as Philadelphia, Outbreak, Silkwood and The Day After.”

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Fade-In Magazine's contest ranking:

TAGS was a semifinalist in their The Writers Network 10th Annual Screenplay & Fiction Competition - of over 1,700 entries it made it into the top 297.

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Assistant to Hollywood Producer (prefers not to be named):

"The story is very engaging. The themes of ethical and emotional conflict in the lead character Sarah are very compelling... The story has potential. It is about young woman who must decide between cruel animal testing and finding a cure for her mother's disease. Her decision is deep on an ethical and emotional level... The characters have depth. Sarah's conflict is dramatized clearly... The two things that worked for me in the script were characters and premise... I liked how the action was character driven."

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Natalie Rothenberg, President of Insiders System for Writers:

"Focusing on the personal stories behind a visual action give an excellent window into the ideas of the animal liberation movement... Sarah draws our empathy, David is dashing and Marcus is sinister. ALF members neatly differentiated during liberation... Stark look at lab conditions for experiment animals – evocative and capable of changing minds... A lot of detailed information is conveyed, while plot is advanced and characters delineated... Good impulse to overlay micro story on macro issue. Variety of conflicts adds texture. Sarah’s conversion offers a good framework... Keeping the story within a week offers urgency... Castability, especially in connection to pro-animal actors, is on the plus side, as are topicality and controversy."

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