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Feature - Drama/Action

Freedom must be shared.

Free Willie meets Born on the 4th of July.

Blue Break

Short Film - Dark Comedy

Ash is taking a trip... to la-la land.

Natural Born Killers meets Life is Beautiful.

Actor's Lab

1/2 Hr TV Pilot - Dramady

Truth at any cost.

Fame meets Law & Order.


Short Film - Drama/Action

Careful what you bury.

Reservoir Dogs meets All in the Family.

China Farm

StagePlay - Drama/Action

Life at the edge.

Death of a Salesman meets Dances with Wolves.

A House by Any Other Name

Mini StagePlay - Drama

Sometimes home is the hardest place to go.

Heaven Can Wait meets Affliction.


Mini StagePlay - Drama

Death makes life harder.

Andy Warhol meets The Buddha.

Caught Two

Music Video

Time to heal.

Boy-band meets ... older boy-band.


Comedy Sketch

Taking care of business.


Comedy Sketch

Your own worst enemy.


Comedy Sketch

It's about a guy, who looses his dog...


Comedy Sketch

Happy ending.

Odder Couple

Comedy Sketch

Oscar and Felix are at it again.

Pee is for "Pain"

Comedy Sketch

This one blows!

There From Here


Origins of a revolution.

Bill Gates meets Karl Marx meets On the Road.

Owner Occupier


Songs of hope from around the world.

Singing Children from Asia and Africa meet Digital Recording, CD Burners, and the Internet.

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